April 15, 2018

La Chataigne | The Perfect Getaway

For some reason I was obsessed about wanting to stay in a vineyard during our time in Franschoek. The romantic thought of being tucked up in our own cozy cottage in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing other than vineyards and the incredible mountain views. This was the plan! After a little bit of research, I found the ideal place – La Chataigne! Oh my, this was just PERFECT! This family run vineyard has belong to the Parkfelt family for several generations. Originally from Sweden, the family moved to Franschoek in the early 1970’s to set up the vineyard. […]
April 15, 2018

Challenging My Vertigo At Lion’s Head

With our time in South Africa coming to a close, we were looking for an activity to finish our trip on a high, and hiking the dizzy heights of Lion’s Head was sure fire way to do just this! On our last day in Cape Town, Adam and I agreed we’d head off on one last hike. This smaller section of Table Mountain has been named as such, due to the mountain resembling the shape of Lion. Perhaps you need a bird’s eye view to verify this though! I’d had a little Google beforehand and read some other blog posts […]
April 8, 2018

Meet The Rescue Lions of Drakenstein

Sometimes I wonder if I should change the theme of my blog from just travel related content, to travel and animal content. I have a massive passion for animals, and pretty much love them all. If you are furry and friendly looking, then I’m going to like you before I’ve even met you! Adam and I have just come back from an epic two weeks in South Africa. We spent five days on safari, and then also visited a number of other animal sanctuaries. Despite racking up quite a chunk of hours on safari, we spotted loads of wild game, […]