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September 8, 2019
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Bachledka’s Tree Top Walkway

Visiting Bachledka Ski and Sun was accidental. After spending the day hiking from Beila Voda, we drove to short distance to Zdiar to visit the area. It was already nearly 17:00 so we had a few hours before dinner time, but not long enough for another hike. We passed Bachledka as we drove through the village and after a quick google, thought we’d go and explore.

There are several hiking options to reach the main site of Bachledka. You can hike from Malá Franková (1.1km long), Bachledová Dolina (2.6 km long), or from Jezersko via Lake Jezero. Alternatively take the gondola which only takes a swift 6-minutes to reach the peak.

There is ample parking at the entrance to the gondola station and the main ticket office come shop. Parking is charged at 3 euros per car.

What’s There?

During the summer months Bachledka offers a number of activities from a Tree Top Walk, Panoramic views and even a Bobsleigh. Although this appeared to be more suited to families with young children, there were still adults visiting.

To be frank, we didn’t really know what to find here as we had visited on a whim. I had read about the Tree Top Walkway and that was the only part of Bachledka that we wanted to visit. Besides, we only had two hours before the last gondola departed!

Gondola– take the gondola all the way up to the peak

Longest bobsleigh in Tatras Mountains– nip down the mountainside on one of the small bobsleigh carts

Tree top walkway– walk 24 meters high above the treetops along a platform that winds through the forest

Observation tower– at the end of the tree top walkway, climb ten levels to reach a panoramic viewing platform

Longest dry water (wtf?) slide in Slovakia– take the slide back down from the top of the panoramic viewing platform

Panoramic restaurant*currently being constructed

Tree Top Walkway

The bit we actually visited!

The walkway opened in September 2017, having taken three months to build from local Slovakian wood. The highest point of the walkway sits at 24 meters tall and runs 1,234 meters in length.

Information boards are scattered along the walkway, providing interesting natural facts about the surrounding area. The boards have rotating sections, allowing you to flip between multiple languages. Clever!

There are two sections on the walkway for kids to have a little fun. These ‘adrenaline stops’ allow you to walk over air (don’t worry, there’s a net underneath!) and squeeze through obstacle style faux trees.

Nikon photo station points have also been added in a few of the key photogenic spots. I thought that was a nice little touch! Set with the screw base already fixed to the station, most SLR camera’s should easily be able to be screwed down to capture those all important shots.

Entrance to the walkway also includes access to the Observation Tower that offers panoramic views across the mountains. The tower can only be accessed from the end of the tree trop walkway.

Standing 32 meters tall, a circular path of approximately 10 levels, leads you up the panoramic viewing platform. Here, you’ll find an 88m2 adrenaline net that covers the inside of the tower.

Having a phobia of heights meant I wasn’t about to walk over this. Even Adam wussed out and didn’t seem to like it. Meanwhile a fearless five-year-old skipped back and forth across the net without batting an eyelid. Typical.

Another nifty part of the tower was the 67-meter long dry water slide that slinks round the inside of the structure. There was an extra 2 euro per person charge for the slide – naughty! Height restrictions applied too for little ones.

How Much Does It Cost?

Tree top walk + Two-way cable car ride

20 euro, adult | 16 euro, child | 49 euro, family (2 x adults + 2 x children)

Tree top walk

10 euro, adult | 7.50 euro, child | 25 euro, family (2 x adults + 2 x children)

Return cable car

11 euro, adult | 9 euro, child | 27 euro, family (2 x adults + 2 x children) 

Now The Bad News

Whilst the Tree Top Walk was a fun way to spend a few hours, the rest of the Bachledka Ski and Sun resort was dire. The site is currently undergoing a huge renovation which wasn’t obvious until we had taken the gondola up to the top of the site. There was construction going on in every direction you looked.

Having now visited myself, I don’t think there is enough to do there to justify the cost unless you are happy to just visit the Tree Top Walk. Perhaps in a year or so when the work is complete the site will be much better, but as it stands, they are very much in the early stages of building and regenerating the area.

Contact Details

Opening Times – 09:00 until 17:00



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