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February 7, 2018
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February 13, 2018

Video: Halong Bay In 4 Minutes

I’ve talked a fair bit about Halong Bay in some of my other posts from Vietnam. However, rather than reading about Halong Bay, why not see for yourselves?

Covering the highlights of our three day cruise around Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island, I’ve created a fun little video to share with friends and family.

Starting with our transfer from Hanoi, you’ll get to see some snippets of our time spent cruising through the bays. Highlights include kayaking through the beautiful waters surrounded by beautiful scenery. Hiking up Titop mountain for stunning 360 degree views. Visiting the Surprise cave, and the only thing we were surprised by was how touristy they were! FYI, my favourite part of the trip was Cat Ba Island with that snake wine! Blurghhhhhhh!!

Please remember this video was made just for fun, so don’t expect anything professional looking!

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