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September 15, 2017
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El Nido: Photo Journal

Hidden lagoons, secret beaches, and hundreds of islets await you in Palawan’s Bacuit Archipelago in the Philippines. The best way to explore the area is by taking one of the many boat trips that depart daily from El Nido. Each day trip will take you along a slightly different route, and we decided to take two different trips to ensure we made the most of our time in El Nido.

Day trips usually start early around 09:00, include a few stops at different islands along with a beach BBQ and snorkelling opportunities. Boats return back to El Nido’s shores around 16:00, allowing enough time for a shower, bite to eat and cold beer, before you get a good night’s rest to start over again the next day,

El Nido sure is one hell of a memorable place to visit, so if you are travelling through the Philippines, make sure you add El Nido to your itinerary. Despite the timely (or costly) travel to reach El Nido, it’s absolutely worth it, and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Set off from the beach front of El Nido, where each morning boats will be moored up ready to depart for daily trips.

The boats will fit around 10 people each, but there are some larger boats available like the one on the left.

And off we went, exploring the lagoons, turquoise waters surrounding us, flanked by limestone cliffs.

Amazing views everywhere you look.

My favourite spot was to sit on the nose of the spot with an undisturbed view ahead of me, like this.

Our first stop was at this powdery white beach, where we had time to explore the bays by kayak.

Kayaking through these calm waters was a dream.

Not sure what the guy at the back is doing..

Lunch was served each day on a beach BBQ, which was cooked fresh in front of us. Chicken, pork, or fish. Which will you choose? (the fish was the best!).

Another beach stop. Simply stunning.

Although this beach did have a bar. Perfect beach with a perfect cocktail (or beer!).

This was our boat. It may look quite small, but there was more than enough room for all of us.

Later that evening we took a sunset boat trip back out into the bay. And of course had another beer. Or two.

The following day we took a different tour that stopped by this island church.

Behind the church was a path to hike up for some incredible views.

I could have starred out to that view for hours. Dreamy.

Our boat was similar to the one we boarded the day before, but who’s looking at the boat with waters as clear as this!

Next we visited a hidden beach.

Can you see the entrance?

Yup, that tiny hole is the only way in. So when the tide is low, you can swim through. This photo was taken from the inside of the hidden beach.

Another boat shot as we stopped on this secluded beach for our BBQ lunch.

This you won’t believe. This is an ICE CREAM man who sailed the bays looking for visitors in need of a cold and half melted ice cream. To complete this dream, he even had a Mr Whippy jingle playing from a speaker box!

Our next stop was at secret beach, which was tucked away before these rocks.

Although the entrance was much wider, the waters were still too shallow for boats to come in, so we were dropped off at the other side to swim in.

The secret beach should have been renamed paradise beach!


Another chance to kayak too.

Read more about how to reach El Nido by clicking here!

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